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Although DODI’s headquarters is in Miami, Florida, the vision has now expanded internationally, and currently has 9 operational branches in Liberia, West Africa; Douala, Cameroon, Central Africa; and soon to launch its first branch in India, South Asia.

Liberia Africa Initiative

DODI Liberia, Africa endeavors to:

Utilize the avenue of practical life skills training to continue empowering women to become self-sufficient, economically stable, and enhance the family and communities in which they belong

Assist the current Caldwell Monteserrado County Area Clinic to become self-sufficient and providing vital operating supplies needed to serve the community more effectively.

Bring awareness of the deficit in vital medical supplies and equipment within the health facilities

Implement and promote a healthier “Child Awareness” program that provides dietary education and medical care

Dodi Liberia2
Dodi Liberia3

Generate consistent funding to establish and maintain an efficient Health Care System

Provide an adult literacy program that teaches fundamental reading and writing skills

Build and establish a women’s home for the desolate - specifically domestic violence/sexual abuse victims, those affected by HIV Virus, and/or expectant mothers.

Create a wholistic prenatal and postnatal program to promote educational advancement, parental values, life skills, and self-empowerment.

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